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Wal-Mart Shoppers Speak Out

December 16, 2009  |  Share

  • I recently shopped at our local Wal-Mart Super Center and found a worker in the produce section, handling the produce (no gloves) who looked and sounded like death warmed over. I asked her if she was ok, because she appeared to be on the verge of collapsing. She told me she had been diagnosed with pneumonia, but that she couldnt take any time off, or shed be written up and then fired - and living in Michigan, the state with the worst unemployment rates in the nation - she couldnt afford to get fired, because it was unlikely that shed find another job. This is the WalMart sickness policy in action, folks.

  • I went to Walmart the other day and the cashier was coughing so hard that I thought a lung would fly out of her mouth! She should not have been working. She was wiping her nose and coughing in her hands while touching everyones groceries. That is so disgusting!

  • The Walmart policy states that no employee will be fired due to H1N1. As a health insurance agent I know that in general insurance companies are not covering testing for the H1N! So how are these employees going to protect their jobs? Will Walmart pay for testing so it can better deternine who to fire and who not to fire? Personally, I plan on not shopping at Walmart due to this story. Besides not wanting to pick up a contagious cold, flu etc.; I will not support such practices by spending my dollars at this corporation.

  • When I see sick people working at any checkout I ask to see a manager-then ask them why on earth they have a sick person pawing everyones stuff and passing it around. Those companies selfish, greedy policies hurt everyone-especially the elderly who need places like wal-mart.
This is awful. Before I read this article, I had just come home from Wal-Mart (yes, I admit it). The employees are getting this from customers. I cantt believe the number of parents who still havent taught their kids to COVER THEIR MOUTHS when they are coughing. Yes, many surfaces in Wal-Mart may be contaminated...the escalator handrail, for example, must be teeming with H1N1. I am scrupulous about handwashing (almost to the point of compulsion), I never touch any part of my face until I have washed, and yet I still contracted this crap two weeks ago, no doubt from airborne virus. I got what I went into the store for -- a printer cartridge -- and got out of there ASAP. Maybe Wal-Mart should allow employees to wear a mask, if they want to. This might wake parents up to the fact that they need to teach their kids good hygiene.
  • I am extremely concerned about Wal-Marts practice. A Wal-Mart employee with swine flu who is basically threatened by Wal-Mart to come to work sick does much more than place OTHER employees at risk - WHAT ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS! Considering the significant number of people who shop at their stores, youd think that Wal-Mart would be much more pro-active about protecting their customers. Looks like its all about the dollar as far as Wal-Mart is concerned!

  • I asked a cashier at Walmart in Lancaster South Carolina if Walmart was supplying hand Sanitizer for their employees and the cashier said NO!! That threw a red flag for me with all the germs from money and other stuff. It showed me Walmart does not care about their employees during this bad flu season and now H1N1.Lorrie Griffin Pageland South Carolina

  • I am appalled the way Wal-Mart treats their employees. I dont shop there any more than I need to for that reason. Employees should not have to make the choice of a sick child or reporting to work with no compensation...barbaric! It is not right for a Wal-Mart employee to report to work SICK and spread God knows what to the general public!!! Wal-Mart needs to give their employees what they are entitled to....they do pay for it in the long run!!!



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