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Update on Honduras Coup: President Zelaya will return to Honduras

June 30, 2009  |  Share

* Second day of demonstrations against the new government in all big cities in Honduras. Today demonstrations were bigger than the yesterday ones. The de facto government also organized demonstrations in favor of themselves.
*There have been clashes between the army, the police and the demonstrations. At El Progreso, the army was especially rude and attacked the demonstrators. Dunia (COMUN Organization) was at the police station along with others trying to get seven compañeros out of the jail who were captured. The de facto president Micheletti was born in El Progreso.
*Communications by cell phone are reestablished, but the government controls the TV stations and radios, so people are not informed about what is going on internationally.
*El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua closed their borders with Honduras for 48 hours in protest. Maquila business people here are against the closure of the borders because "it will impact the maquilas, and we can lose 14,000 jobs".
*President Zelaya says he will come back to Honduras on Thursday along with the general secretary of the OAS, the president of Argentina Cristina Fernandez, and the president of Ecuador Correa.
*The new government is internationally isolated. No government in the world has recognized it, and all the OAS members, including USA and Canada, only recognize Zelaya.
*I do hope the Hondurans reach an agreement and avoid a blood bath in the country. These events might have a negative impact in this region as we are almost all in a similar situation: a president that has no majority in the congress and no majority in the Supreme Court, and a powerful oligarchy that is politically blind, although president Funes is backed by Fmln.
I thought we had forever left the days when the military threatens societies, but I was evidently wrong.

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