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Please Write to North Face and Urge them to Respect Human Rights in El Salvador

May 22, 2008  |  Share

Model Letter 

May 22, 2008

Mr. Steve Rendle, President
The North Face Inc.
2013 Farallon Drive
San Leandro, CA 94577-6622

Dear Mr. Rendle:

Many people are aware of and support The North Face company's commitment to protect our environment. Now I ask you to please show a similar concern for the mostly young women in El Salvador who are sewing your garments under abusive sweatshop conditions at the Youngone Factory. Due to falling real wages, women sewing $165 North Face jackets cannot afford milk for their children. This is wrong. So is the forced overtime, excessive production goals, sexual harassment, 100 degree temperatures, harsh and humiliating treatment, including of pregnant women, and recent firing of workers daring to exercise their legal right to freedom of association and to organize a union local at the Youngone plant.

Not only does North Face account for 80% of total production at Youngone, but before joining North Face you were an executive with the Youngone Corporation, which owns the factory in El Salvador. Surely, you are in a position to have a major impact to improve conditions at your contractor's plant while taking concrete steps to guaranteeing back wages and that the legal rights of the workers will be finally respected.

I want to thank you for your concern and am anxious to learn what concrete steps you will take to protect the human rights of these workers.


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