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NLC Director`s Letter to the CEO of Limited Brands/Victoria`s Secret

November 29, 2007  |  Share

November 26, 2007

Mr. Leslie Wexner, CEO
Limited Brands/Victoria's Secret
3 Limited Parkway
Columbus, Ohio 43230

Dear Mr. Wexler:

I write to urge your immediate intervention to help resolve a crisis at the D.K. Garments factory in Irbid, Jordan, where Victoria's Secret garments are sewn.  Apparently, the D.K. Garments factory, located in the Al Hasan Industrial City is a subcontract plant, but it has been producing for Victoria's Secret since November 2006.  Conditions in the factory violate every single Jordanian law, with mandatory 14 to 15-hour shifts, seven days a week.  Workers also report being routinely shortchanged of the overtime pay legally due them.  The company dorm is also primitive and unacceptable, lacking hot water and heat.

For daring to peaceably question management regarding a sudden and arbitrary 43 percent increase in the production goal for Victoria's Secret bikinis, six foreign guest workers have been arrested and imprisoned—apparently on trumped-up charges—since November 11.  After repeated but unsuccessful attempts to implore management to free their co-workers, who had done nothing wrong, the workers walked off the shop floor.

Conditions are now deteriorating.  Management is threatening to forcibly deport all the foreign guest workers.  Management also says they will soon block the supply of food and water to the workers' dorm. 

Can you please intervene immediately to help resolve this worsening crisis?  We do not want you to pull Victoria's Secret production from the factory—where it has been produced for the last year—since this would only further punish the workers, who have already suffered enough.  Rather, we ask that you work with your contractor to clean up the factory and to quickly implement concrete steps to guarantee that the legal rights of the workers will finally be respected.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted on any new developments.  Thank you.


Charles Kernaghan

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