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Action Alert! Please Help! Write a letter to Daisy Fuentes

June 18, 2007  |  Share

TO:  NLC Key Contacts

FROM:  Charles Kernaghan, NLC

RE:  Urgent Action Alert — Please help
        Guatemalan women trapped in sweatshop sewing Daisy Fuentes clothing seek help from the TV host and model

Please write Ms. Daisy Fuentes asking that she use her celebrity status and public voice to bring an end to the abuse of other young women who are locked in sweatshops across Central America.  To begin with we can work together with Ms. Fuentes to turn the Fribo factory where her clothing line is sewn from an abusive sweatshop into a model factory. Read the Fribo report.

Thanks for your help on this.
We will keep you posted on any developments.


Ms. Daisy Fuentes C/O
William Morris Agency
1325 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
Fax: (212) 246-3583

Dear Ms. Fuentes,

I am certain that you had no idea that your clothing line was being sewn under sweatshop conditions for the last two years at the Fribo factory in Guatemala, by young women abused and stripped of their rights, cheated of their legal wages and benefits, denied maternity leave, and who have no voice.  The workers exist in a state of terror, knowing they will be immediately fired should they ask for their legal rights.

Now these workers are asking for your help so that they can be treated with respect.  Their demands are extremely modest—asking only that the Fribo factory be brought into full compliance with Guatemalan labor law.

Also, please know that the worst thing you could do would be to pull your production from the Fribo factory.  These are very poor workers from a rural area in Guatemala, and they and their children desperately need and depend upon these jobs to survive.  In fact, they are very grateful for the work you have given them.  What they are asking is that you work with the Fribo factory management to clean up the factory and institute improvements to guarantee that the legal rights of the workers are finally respected.

You are a well-known and important public figure who has supported many just causes such as raising breast cancer awareness, and we respect you for that.  Would you also use your celebrity status and public voice to help these and other poor garment workers across Central America who are denied their legal rights every day?

Our goal is that Fribo becomes a model factory.

Ms. Fuentes, we want to thank you for anything you can do to help end the sweatshop abuse endured by tens of thousands of women in Central America.  I hope we can work together for justice, and I anxiously await your response.


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