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Jordan Urgent Action Alert: Central Clothing

June 1, 2007  |  Share

Central Clothing
Al Tajamouat Industrial Park
Amman, Jordan

  • Fifty percent of guest workers'  passports remain confiscated, nor do workers have their necessary residency permits;
  • In April, a young Bangladeshi guest worker suffers an agonizing death due to lack of medical care;
  • Workers protest; four are imprisoned under false charges in retaliation.

Twenty-seven year-old Mr. Shubhas Bar suffered an agonizing death in April.  Many times had the young worker appealed to management to grant him rest leave due to his serious illness, but the company provided Mr. Shubhas Bar neither leave nor medical care.  Two weeks or so before his death, Mr. Shubhas Bar became too weak to go to work.  He begged management to help him return to Bangladesh, so he could be with his family, as he feared he was dying.  He asked management to pay part of his return airfare, since he did not have enough money to purchase a ticket.  Many workers also pleaded with management to either hospitalize Mr. Shubhas Bar or send him home to his parents.  There was no response and management never even visited the dorm to see him.


Mr. Shubhas Bar's passport photo


Three days before his death, Mr. Shubhas Bar was in agony.  He could not urinate or move his bowels.  Grown men were in tears as they helplessly watched his anguish.

As Mr. Shubhas Bar's friends did not have their residency permits and could not leave the industrial park, they had to find other Bangladeshi workers and security staff of the Al Tajamouat Industrial Park to take Mr. Shubhas Bar to the hospital where he died.

Management did not have the decency to inform the workers that Mr. Shubhas Bar had died.  They only found out after phoning the hospital.  The workers then tried to go to the police station to file a complaint against the company, but were pushed back with sticks.

Next, the workers tried to explain Mr. Shubhas Bar's case to the Ministry of Labor, but apparently to no end.  According to the workers, when management became aware of what they were doing to denounce the lack of medical treatment and Mr. Shubhas Bar's miserable death, they stopped the food supply to their dorm.

On April 16, the workers refused to go to the factory, declaring it a day of mourning for their co-worker.  The strike and cut-off of food continued.  Heated arguments arose among the workers as to what to do next and how they could survive without food.  Management then manipulated the verbal argument, declaring it a brawl and filing trumped-up charges for violence against four workers.

After four days without food, the workers had no choice but to return to work.  The minute the four falsely accused workers arrived at the factory, the police arrived and they were arrested and imprisoned.  These four innocent workers have now been in jail for more than a month.

The four imprisoned workers are Mr. Liton, Mr. Sohel, Mr. Swapon Das and Mr. Mohsin.  Management targeted these four workers because they were the most outspoken in urging management to conform to Jordanian law.  Management wanted to make an example of these workers so that the remaining workers would see what happens to those who make demands.  Right now, workers are still being threatened not to complain or ask for their rights.

To date, Mr. Shubhas Bar's family in Bangladesh has not received any of their son's back wages, Social Security deductions or death benefit.

Immediate intervention is necessary to end the violations at the Central Clothing factory, release the four workers imprisoned under trumped up charges and to properly compensate Mr. Shubhas Bar's family for the tragic death of their son, who was denied adequate medical care.


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