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Jordan Urgent Action Alert: Fashion Curve

June 1, 2007  |  Share

June 1, 2007Fashion Curve

Al Tajamouat Industrial Park
Amman, Jordan

" Many workers' passports remain confiscated and residency permits denied;
" Fashion Curve factory continues to violate every Jordanian labor law;
" Ten workers struggling for their legal rights remain imprisoned under false charges.
" On May 27, management brought in gang members to beat and threaten the workers, police also seriously beat two workers.
As of May 28, workers were locked in their dormitory and prohibited from leaving.  They are terrified and asking for help.

One hundred twenty Bangladeshi guest workers are employed at the Fashion Curve garment factory, where every labor law in Jordan is routinely violated.

On April 1, 2007, the Fashion Curve workers sought help from the Ministry of Labor, apparently to no avail.  In fact, for months the workers tied to meet with management to end the violations.  Conditions were so abusive and illegal at the Fashion Curve factory that the workers asked management and the Ministry of Labor to return them to Bangladesh if the factory could not be brought into compliance with Jordanian law.

In desperation, as abusive and illegal conditions persisted, the workers organized a strike on May 1, 2007.  The company responded by cutting off food to the workers for several days.  Nonetheless, the strike continued, and workers have been confined to their dorms.

In an attempt to break the strike, management instructed two workers, Mr. Ripon and Mr. Malek, to start a quarrel with striking workers.  To be certain, a loud argument took place, but there was no physical violence or fighting of any kind.  Nonetheless, ten workers have been imprisoned on false charges of rioting.

The imprisoned workers are:

1. Nuruzzaman — R — 0181683
2. Mohiuddin — X — 0204854
3. Mostafa Kamal — W — 0812360
4. Shohel Rana — M — 0442305
5. Afzal — R — 0512890
6. Faruq — W — 0725481
7. Gias — V — 0662936
8. Mozamal — W — 0130077
9. Siddique — W — 07875010
10. Uzzal —X — 0341205

Most of these workers were not even present during the quarrel.

Then, at 3:00 p.m. on May 27, management apparently hired 15 gang members to beat and threaten the striking workers.  The police also became involved and—according to the workers—seriously beat two strikers.  The workers were then locked in their dorms and prohibited from leaving.  As of May 28, the workers were still locked in, terribly afraid and begging for help.

The workers' "crime" was making the following demands—all of which are in full compliance with Jordanian law.

  • Immediately return passports and provide residency permits to all workers;
  • The regular workday should be eight hours;
  • Overtime must be properly recorded and paid correctly;  all wages should be paid on time—no later than the 7th of the following month;
  • Workers should be paid for the annual vacation days legally due them, a right which has been violated by management for the last 2 ½ years;
  • Sick days should be granted according to the law;
  • Management must reimburse the workers for the 10 JD they have been deducting from the workers' wages for the last nine months;
  • Management must end the harassment, threats and beatings;
  • Social Security ID numbers should be given to the workers so they can track the fees deducted from their wages each month;
  • According to their contracts, the workers entered into employment in Jordan with all food, housing and medical care to be paid by the company.  This is especially important given that one worker recently died at Fashion Curve for lack of proper medical care.

Immediate intervention is necessary to diffuse the ongoing crisis, free the 10 workers imprisoned under false charges and finally bring the factory into compliance with Jordanian labor law.



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