Jordan Urgent Action Alert: Group Talent

June 1, 2007

June 1, 2007

Group Talent
Al Tajamouat Industrial City
Amman, Jordan

" Some 45% of workers do not have necessary residency permits;
" Three workers forcibly deported and two imprisoned for asking for their residency permits;
" Two seriously ill workers abandoned in their dorm for over a month without sufficient medical care.

Four hundred Bangladeshi guest workers have been working at the Group Talent factory for the last two and a half years.  Of these, 180 workers (45 percent) have not yet received their residency permits.  Without these permits, it is very dangerous for the workers to venture outside of the factory and industrial park because they could be stopped by police, detained and deported for lacking the necessary residency documents.

The workers have had several meetings with management in an attempt to resolve this problem, but always with no results.  In desperation, when the workers tried to pressure management to provide the residency permits, management responded by forcibly deporting three of the leaders.  Two other workers have been imprisoned for the leading role they played in the struggle.  The two workers are Mr. Monir (EP-308) and Mr. Eusuf (EP-313).  The workers have been imprisoned for the last one and a half months on charges that they used a sample piece of clothing.

Two workers are now seriously ill and have been abandoned in their dormitory for more than a month.  The sick workers are Mr. Ismail (EP-117) and Mr. Nuruzzaman.  Apparently management took some money from these workers to send them back to Bangladesh, but to date, nothing has happened.

Group Talent produces women's clothing for Foot Locker, Oxford and Dress Barn.

Immediate intervention is necessary to care for the two seriously ill workers, release the two workers from prison and provide necessary residency permits to the workers.