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Another Plea for Help from the Workers of Fashion Curve in Jordan

June 13, 2007  |  Share

Bangladeshi workers face a desperate crisis at Jordan's Fashion Curve Sweatshop

Translation:  Video Testimony #2, June 8, 2007
Workers of Fashion Curve
Al Tajamouat Industrial City, Amman, Jordan

I am Afzal Hossain.  I came here from Bangladesh in August 2005. I was supposed to work for 8 hours according to the verbal agreement of Bangladeshi agent. But we are working 10 hours regularly. Since 2005, we could not enjoy any holidays. The company doesn't provide any overtime payments. The local agent told us in Bangladesh that we would get our salary by the 5th but usually we are getting it around 25th. We were informed that the food and accommodation will be free of cost. But it is not free here; we have to pay for it. The  condition of our living house is very bad. The water is not pure, impossible to drink, lots of dust there. When we could not solve these problems, we have written an application to the Ministry of Labor Court on April 1, 2007. But they do not respond to our application. After some days, the Ministry of Labor Court sent some of their staff to investigate and found huge problems. But the Ministry did not take any action. Then we asked our factory owner whether he is in agreement with our valid points or not and have any intention to do something to resolve them. When we found him not willing to solve those problems, we requested that he send us to our home. We called strike on May 1, 2007 and stayed at the house. They never visited us during those days. We have followed Jordanian rules before calling strike; we gave an application before hand. The company has threatened us to deduct money for those days. But we argued with them since we called the strike only after giving at least four days notification, which is the state law. So they have no right to deduct money from our salary. But Ministry of Labor wanted to deduct 200 J.D because the company had some losses because we did not attend. They said that otherwise we would have to go back to our home. But we have come here to work spending huge amount of money, two hundred thousand taka for each worker, not to go back to our home. After coming here, we have not received any kind of facilities from the company.

Another worker: We are working here with great hardship and many workers have fallen into sickness. We have requested Chief of Labor Court to do the justice regarding our problems but he is always favoring the company owner. We told them please do not torture us and make us sick, better send us back to our homeland. We have also requested them, if they do not want to pay for our ticket fare, please use our savings from the social security which has been deposited by our daily extreme hard labor. Now it is more than one and half months we discussed about our departure from Jordan, but they are not doing anything till today in this regard. Now it is very clear that there is no justice here and law is not for poor people, only for the rich. Now I am requesting to NLC, please save us from this sufferings before we die.  Now our situation is worse than captive in a Jail. A prisoner can get at least bread and drinking water. Here we don't get anything, water seems poisonous and dirty. There are lots of insects inside the water. We have shown it to our factory owner but he did not do anything. Moreover, we are not allowed to drink water more than 2-3 times, they scold and admonish us if we want to drink water.  We can't use the toilet according our demand. They always threatened that they will send us to our home if we use toilet more than 2 times. They insist and give pressure to work harder and longer, and do not think about our health. There is no weekly or monthly leave and have to work till 12 pm. or 1 am. This is the main reason for our sickness. We are the workers of Fashion Curve have been urging you earnestly to give emphasis on our problems. We also demand to the government of Bangladesh to do something for us so that we can get rid of such sufferings. There are lot of workers in Jordan from Bangladesh who have the same misery. We do not want any Bangladeshis to suffer like us abroad. We are requesting you please relieve us from this pain and take us to Bangladesh as soon as possible.

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