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Violations Persist at Jordanian Export Factories Producing for Hanes and The Gap

October 2, 2007  |  Share

October 2, 2007

Continuing labor rights violations and worsening conditions have reached crisis levels at two Jordanian export factories.   Management has cut off food, water, and electricity to Cotton Craft Garment Factory workers who are striking over the horrific violations they have endured at the factory.  When workers fall ill, the Cotton Craft management kicks down the dormitory doors and drags men and women from their sickbeds onto the factory floor to toil at the machines.   Cotton Craft also goes out of its way to avoid paying workers.  At one point, workers had worked for three months without a single cent of payment.    At J.R. Textiles, management strips workers of their passports and cheats workers out of 1/3 of the wages.  For their trouble, workers are forced to live in filthy primitive housing with scurrying rats and vermin and are fed unclean water and rotten lentils.   When three workers dared to ask about their unpaid wages and unlivable housing accommodations, they were thrown in jail and deported without being paid. 

The Jordanian and U.S. Governments and the U.S. buyers sourcing from these factories must act quickly to end these terrible violations of human and worker rights.  



Crisis at Cotton Craft Garment Factory

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