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Burmese People In Dire Need

May 12, 2008  |  Share


Dear Friends,

You are aware of the tragedy facing the Burmese people following last week's devastating cyclone, which left an estimated 100,000 people either dead or missing and 1.9 million more homeless, without food or clean water and at risk of typhoid, cholera and dysentery.

The NLC knows and has great respect for the work of the All Burma I.T. Students Union (ABITSU), which along with the International Relief Friendship Foundation is requesting donations, every dollar of which will go directly to the people of Burma, without a cent being siphoned off by the military dictators.

Our donations now can help save lives.

Please donate whatever you can.  You can send your tax deductible donations directly to the International Relief Friendship Foundation or through us at the NLC.

Japanese Auto Companies Linked to Burmese Dictators 

TOYOTA--the largest auto company in the world, will 44 percent of its total sales in North America--and Suzuki--are involved in a joint venture with the Burmese military, manufacturing vehicles that are no doubt being used to repress and torture of the people of Burma.  Under the dictators, forced labor, including that of children, extrajudicial killings, disappearancesa nd rape remain common in Burma.  Factory workers earn just 11 to 12 cents an hour and $5.31 a week.  Six activists who dared attend a labor rights workshop have been sentenced to 20 to 28 years in prison.

Tell Toyota and Suzuki to immediately end their joint venture with the Burmese military, which is only helping to prop up the dictators. 

Click here for Background;  to Contribute;  to Write a Letter to Toyota and Suzuki

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