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KB Manufacturing - Yellow Union Translation

September 24, 2007  |  Share

Translation, Certification of Yellow Union


Ministry of Labor

Juridical Agent

The Subscriptor Responsible for the Directive of Union Associations of the Ministry of Labor of Granada CERTIFIES completely that Act 1889 Rigoberto Obando Ramirez, Responsible for the Regional Directive of the Union Associations of the Ministry of Labor of Granada based on Article 6 clause 1) and 21 of the Regulations of the Union Associations of the Present Labor Code; proceeded to register on Page 329 of Volume X of the Book of Presently Registered on the Board of Directors, managed by this Department of Granada during the present year two-thousand three. The Independent Worker's Union of K.B. Manufacturing is now registered on the Board of Directors with its home in the Department of Granada. They elected their Board of Directors in the presence of (21) workers and were left in the following manner:

General Secretary Yadira Reyes 
II Organization and Program Secretary Armando Gutierrez
III Act and Agreement Secretary Elizabeth Granizo
IV Dispute Secretary Ricardo Vargas
V Secretary of Finance Aracelly Guevara
VI Sanitation Occupational Secretary Cristhian Rodriguez
VII Treasury Darwin Blandon
VIII Union Information Secretary Jose Luis Garcia
IX Member of Council Alexander Sarrias
X Second Member of Council Lucrecia Baldelomar



This directive

June Twenty-fifth of the year Two-thousand Three Until June Twenty-fourth of the year Two-thousand Four.

Originals and copies were returned to the interested, in the City of Granada on


June Twenty-Seventh of the Year Two-Thousand Three.

In good form your Original was marked and proven duly authentic in the City of Granada on the Second of


July of the year Two-thousand Three.

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