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Letter from Nicaraguan National Assembly Labor Committee

September 24, 2007  |  Share

B Manufacturing Cited for Worker Rights Violations by Nicaraguan National Assembly Labor Committee


Republic of Nicaragua
Central America

National Assembly
Commission on Labor and Union Affairs
Public Proclamation

Since last year, we, the Commission on Labor and Union Affairs of the National Assembly through its members, Alba Azucena Palacios Benavidez, President, Jacaranda Fernandez, 1st Vice President, Roberto Gonzales, 2nd Vice President, Iris Membreno, 1st Secretary, Guillermo Montenegro, 2nd Secretary, and members Ramiro Silva and Donald Lacayo Nunuz, have been speaking out publicly regarding the difficult situation faced by the workers who labor in the various Free Zone companies, principally Roo Hsing Garment, Hansae Nicaragua SA, Textile Unlimited Nicaragua SA, Presitex Corp. SA and KB Manufacturing.

1. The insistent and reiterated violation of individual and collective human and labor rights by free zone businesses;

2. The infractions of labor rights related to pregnant women, who are required to carry out work that is damaging to their health, and who are sometimes fired illegally because of their condition in lack of compliance with labor norms related to the protection of maternity of women workers.

3. The lack of protection for the labor rights of the workers by the institutions of the Government of Nicaragua.

4. The violation of the workers union freedom, by not permitting them to organize a union and not respecting union protection [fuero sindical] on the part of the free zone owners.

5. The free zone owners' constant violation of the workers collective contracts.

6. The constant violation of the workers Constitutional labor rights International Conventions 87, 98 and 135 of the International Labor Organization (ILO) by the free zone owners.

Considering all the above, the deputies of the Labor and Union Affairs Commission of the National Assembly publicly reject and condemn these acts of violation of the most elemental human and union rights of the men and women workers laboring in these companies.

In this sense, we demand:

1. That the representatives of the abovementioned Companies be investigated and that sanctions be applied according to the law.

2. That the Constitutional Rights, Individual, Social and Labor Guarantees of the workers of these Companies be respected.

In the same vein, the Labor and Union Affairs Commission commits to presenting an Initiative to Reform the Free Zone Law and to pressing for, promoting and backing its passage.

Signed in the City of Managua, June 11, 2003

Alba Azucena Palacios Benavidez, President
Jacaranda Fernandez, 1st Vice President
Roberto Gonzales, 2nd Vice President
Iris Membreno, 1st Secretary
Guillermo Montenegro, 2nd Secretary
Ramiro Silva, member
Donald Lacayo Nunuz, member

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