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Testimony of Suyapa Johana Nolasco Guerra

November 6, 1995  |  Share

English translation of testimony of Suyapa Johana Nolasco Guerra, aged 14, a young woman worker assembling Kathie Lee clothes at the Global Fashion factory in Honduras.

San Pedro Sula

November 6, 1995

My name is Suyapa Johana Nolasco Guerra, I turned 14 years old on February 27 1995. I was born on February 27, 1981 in San Pedro Sula.

On June 15, 1994, I began work at Global Fashion company, working first on the 4th line as a closer of necks, then they transferred me to line 5, also closing necks.

On October 5 I was fired with no justification, since they found me noting down the production goal, a thing that we almost always do. The Korean named Mr. Han approached my work station and yelled at me telling me to stop playing with papers and to give them to him, which I didn't do since what I was doing was writing the production goal that I was doing that day, so he told me to go to the office and ordered my supervisor to take me to the office and he responded to the Korean, where should he take me. I responded that it would be better to call the Chief of Personnel, and he [the chief of personnel] came to my work station and told me that there we were going to talk and in the office he asked me what I wanted, to work or to resign and the Korean, Mr. Han screamed at me to sit down and I felt afraid since on other occasions in this same place they have threatened various of my companeros, such as Heidy and Walter whose last names I do no remember. There companeros were threatened, Heidy by a Korean named Miss Quin and Walter by Mr. Lee on different occasions.

Before, this Korean Mr. Lee threatened me, telling me to be careful with my life. This threat was done before an assistant named Maritza who they also fired from Global Fashion. In this company they yell at us [calling us] stupid. The supervisors make us work on holidays telling us that they are going to pay double they even make us work on Sundays and don't pay us double but rather straight time. They give us very high production goals. Sometimes when we didn't have work they gave us the production goal of 3,000 or 4,000 pieces. That's what always happened with the workers that they fire without justification and they don't pay us our rights (severance pay) and they refuse our rights.



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