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Crisis continues at Classic, where clothing is sewn for Wal-Mart, GAP, Gloria Vanderbilt and Hanes

December 20, 2007  |  Share


Ten Bangladeshi women workers also report being beaten by police during the strike. 

They are:  1.) Shirin-Card #1279,  2.) Julekha-Card #1034,  3.) Jahanara-Card #1108, 4.) Lily-Card #1109,  5.) Rowshanara-Card #1065,  6.)  Rehana-Card #1041,  7.) Renu- Card #1077,  8.) Bina-Card #1235,  9.) Nagis-Card #1232, 10.) Shefali-Card #1231

The injured workers whose photos appear above are now being further threatened, apparently by the Jordanian Ministry of Labor, for having publicly released photographs and documentation of the abuses at the factory.

One thousand workers remain on strike.  Around 2,000 workers, mostly Sri Lankan women, were forced to return to work.  Electricity and water at the workers dorm is often shut off.  Management has cut the workers back to just one small meal a day. 

On December 18, auditors from Wal-Mart and Gap visited the Classic factory.  Perhaps it was a coincidence, but the day the auditors arrived, some of the workers were finally paid their wages for the month of November.

Hanesbrands, which also sews garments at the Classic factory, released the following on December 19.


"Hanesbrands has been fully engaged with Classic Fashion in addressing noncompliance issues we have identified at its facilities over the last 6-9 months, and we have noted real progress.  Our paramount goal in all facilities with whom we contract for production is to exert our leverage and work with them to promptly correct issues identified in our auditing process.  As has been our history, we will work very closely with the NLC and the Jordanian Ministry of Labor and fully investigate the allegations related to Classic Fashion.  Based on the results of the investigation, we intend to address all identified issues with Classic Fashion and do everything possible to ensure that they are corrected promptly, enabling us to remain at the facility. 

Regarding the allegations of criminal conduct on the part of Classic Fashion managers, Hanesbrands unequivocally supports a thorough investigation of these claims.  It is our understanding that the appropriate Jordanian officials have already launched such an inquiry.  We stand ready to cooperate in any way necessary with these authorities but feel it is appropriate that they take the lead in this aspect of the overall investigation."


12/20 - 3:00 P.M.:  Crisis continues

We just received a very disturbing phone call from several Classic factory workers pleading for help.  In halting English they related that:  There are huge problems... "electricity has been cut"... "no salary, no food, no water, bosses cut water."  Police are at the factory all the time.  The workers are terrified.

(What makes the situation even more desperate for the workers is that today, December 20, is the beginning of Eid Al Adha, one of the most important Muslim holidays, which lasts for the next three days.)




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