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Imprisoned Bangladeshi Labor Leader Freed

October 11, 2010  |  Share


Mr. Montu Ghosh, an important progressive trade union leader and lawyer in Bangladesh was released an hour ago on bail, after having spent 73 days in prison.  Mr. Ghosh, who is 62 years old, was arrested after organizing large demonstrations in support of the garment workers demand for a 35-cent-an-hour minimum wage.

For years, the minimum wage has stood at just 11 ½ cents an hour, leaving Bangladesh's 3.5 million garment workers-80 percent of whom are women-trapped in abject misery.  When the garment workers made the very modest demand for a 35-cent-an-hour wage, the multinational apparel companies blocked it.  The companies told the workers they will not pay more than 21 cents an hour.  This may be the largest women's social justice struggle in the history of the world.

Thanks everyone. Your solidarity worked!



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