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Hasbro Denies Relationship with Sesame Street Toys

July 14, 2008  |  Share

July 14, 2008 

Following the release of the NLC's new report, Nightmare on Sesame Street, a Hasbro spokesperson says their company has no affiliation with the Sesame Street "Ernie" toy made in the Kai Da factory in Shenzhen, China.

All the Sesame Street toys--"Cookie Monster Building Set,"  "Bert & Ernie Building Set," and "Elmo and His Piano Building Set" --made in the the Kai Da sweatshop clearly state on their boxes:

"Standard Kid K'NEX parts made in the U.S.A.
Special components made in China.
Assembled in China.
K'NEX is distributed by Hasbro in the U.K. NL and Belgium only.
K'NEX Newport Customer Services
Distributed in the United Kingdom by Hasbro UK Ltd"."


  • Hasbro Inc. 10-K 505 12/13/95:  Hasbro related to K'NEX in France, Germany 
       and United Kingdom:
         Name under which subsidiary does business:
         ".K'NEX France, S.N.C.
         ".K'NEX G.M.B.H.
         ".K'NEX International U.S.


  • "The K'NEX brand is particularly strong in Europe, where the company makes about two-thirds of its sales.  Fifty percent of its K'NEX International Division is owned by giant toymaker Hasbro.  Hasbro also owns 10 percent of K'NEX Industries domestic operation"

"Hasbro initially rejected K'NEX offer, but in 1999 the two companies signed a three-year licensing agreement giving K'NEX broad licensing to reposition the brand [Lincoln Logs]." "

"1994:  Portions of [K'NEX] domestic and international business are sold to Hasbro."

Source, Hoovers:

  • "Internationally, K'NEX products are distributed by Hasbro, Inc, one of the world's leading toy manufacturers and distributors." 


According to the Hasbro spokesperson, the mention of Hasbro on the back of the toys' packaging is just "a normal tagline that K'NEX puts on the back of all products they make."  --Nothing is meant by this and Hasbro does not distribute the toys mentioned in the NLC report.

The spokesperson further clarifies that Hasbro owns 4.5 percent of K'NEX's parent company.

Though it is certainly confusing, the NLC has no reason to doubt what the Hasbro company is saying.

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