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A. Urgent—4 Workers Arrested at Galaxy Sweatshop in Jordan

November 24, 2010  |  Share

DATE: Wednesday, November 24, 2010
TO: NLC Contacts
FROM: Charles Kernaghan
RE: Urgent-4 Workers Arrested at Galaxy Sweatshop in Jordan

Four workers, Rabiul, Badol, Jashim and Manik, have been arrested for protesting brutal labor conditions at Galaxy factory, which produces for Wal-Mart, Hanesbrands, Macy's, GAP/Banana Republic, and Kohl's. The Jordanian Ministry of Labor has done nothing to help these workers.

The worker rights provisions agreed to under the US-Jordan Free Trade Agreement are being blatantly violated on a daily basis.

Tens of thousands of guest workers across Jordan producing apparel duty-free for export to the U.S. are completely isolated, desperate for help, and have nowhere to turn.

We know it is Thanksgiving, but could you please take a few minutes to send a brief message to the Jordanian Minister of Labor urging him to immediately release the four imprisoned workers and launch an investigation into the Galaxy factory to finally put an end to the abusive and illegal sweatshop conditions?



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* Send a message to the Minister of Labour in Jordan


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