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C. Letter from Managing Director of Galaxy

November 24, 2010  |  Share

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Charles Kernaghan,
Director, National Labor Committee

Mohammad Nur Alam
Managing Director
Galaxy Apparel Industry

RE:   Imprisonment of Mr. Robiul


Dear Sir,


Thanks for you mail and we will positively consider your request. But if any body breaks local law and if local police arrested for violation of local law than how galaxy release him / her or what the galaxy's responsibility? We are not the beyond of local law. Mr.Robiul is run away from our factory and police arrested him from outside so what can we do? Police charged against him and deported him, here nothing is our hand.

Mr.Anower and Mr.Soliaman is not suspended. We give them leave with pay with other 20 workers. But Mr.Badal and Mr.Jasim is suspended because the have broken the Jordan labor law article no. 28 and Jordan labor ministry verbally directed us to give them warning letter and we have given them 1st 2nd and 3rd warning letter yet they did not rectify themselves, finally labor ministry directed us to terminated them from the company by following the labor law.. Here nothing is hidden, nothing is personal and nothing is company's only own decisions.

Now suggest us if anybody violate the labor law, should we take action or not? Should we try to keep discipline in the company or should let them do what they want to do? Company supervisors will direct them or they will direct supervisors? Should we tolerate their threat that they will destroy the factory or we should do something to safe the company? Management will tolerate their bad words in the floor or take disciplinary action according to Jordan labor law? Have we made a mistake by investing at garments sectors? Will it be just to report to buyer on the basis of one sided information? Only mentioned persons are not the worker of galaxy Apparel Industry. We would like to invite you or any of your representatives to visit our factory and please talk to the general workers. If you find that general workers really facing problem then you can write the report and talk to any buyers no problems and we have nothing to say.

As a director of a responsible organization like NLC we are sure you will be agree with us that we have also the right to explain ourselves. Please give a minimum chance to defense ourselves. Otherwise we have to say NLC deprive us.

If we don't have the right to take decision and to follow the direction of the Jordan labor ministry's instruction then how we will do business at Jordan and please advice us how we will keep the discipline in the factory? Galaxy always believes in worker right and always believes that workers are the part of the company. Galaxy has a very good relation with its worker. If any bad things comes to its workers first of all galaxy feels pain in its heart because galaxy management is from Bangladesh and most of  its worker is from Bangladesh. Galaxy Management has family relation with workers.

Finally we would like say that we are also anxious to work with you. Please work as bridge for mutual understanding between worker and management





Mohammad Nur Alam
Managing Director
Galaxy Apparel Industry




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