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  • 20 Workers Fired at Alcoa for illegal union activities. Read this complete update for more information.

  • Write a letter to Alcoa! Use this sample letter to get started.

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    Alcoa’s High-tech Sweatshop in Mexicofamily
    Alcoa, the world’s largest aluminum company, has 13 maquila factories in Acuña and Piedras Negras, Mexico, where 15,600 workers manufacture automotive electrical systems for export to the U.S. Paid below-subsistence wages and living in abject poverty, these workers are attempting to defend their rights. Alcoa management has met these efforts with threats, pressure and reprisals.

    Action Alert: 20 Workers Fired at Alcoa for illegal union activities. Read this complete update for more information.

    • More than 236 workers fired for attempting to gain their rights.
    • Alcoa "associates" in Acuña housed in primitive, windowless, make-shift huts put together from discarded shipping pallets, scraps of wood, cardboard and cheap tarpaper—lacking indoor plumbing, heat and even access to potable water. In these worker neighborhoods, there are no maintained roads or garbage collection.
    • Due to the inadequate wages, some 30 percent of Alcoa’s workers in Piedras Negras are forced to sell their blood each week just to survive.
    • Despite harassment, firings and threats, the workers in Piedras Negras fought back and voted in an independent union leadership by a landslide. There is now fear that Alcoa will not negotiate with this independent union and may even conveniently fabricate another excuse to fire these new union leaders too.

    Support the Alcoa Workers Fighting for their Rights

    Read the NLC letter to Alcoa CEO Alain Belda. You can also write your own letter, urging Alcoa to:

    • Immediately reinstate the fired workers
    • End the climate of intimidation and fear
    • Recognize and negotiate in good faith with the newly elected independent union.

    For more details, read the NLC report (in adobe PDF format):

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