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65 percent of all apparel operations in New York and Los Angeles are sweatshops.
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Girl Workers Locked In Factory During Fire
Another Chinese factory exposed!
Another Chinese factory exposed!
NLC Press Announcement
CLW Press Announcement
Monster Truck Madness
Wal-Mart Uses Children to Make Shirts
Decoro Factory in China
Furniture Workers in China Beaten and Hospitalized!

The Italian owned Decoro Factory is the Largest Sofa Plant in the World and Produces for Levitz, Jennifer, and other major retailers.

In October, management at the Italian owned DeCoro factory in the Shenzhen Free Trade Zone in Southern China--the largest sofa manufacturing plant in the world--arbitrarily slashed wages by 20 percent. Workers who approached management to seek an explanation were fired. On October 30, they staged a protest in front of the factory. When they attempted to enter the factory the next day, ten workers were attacked by managers, who beat them so badly they required hospitalization.

More to follow soon!

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Italian Sofa Maker in Shenzhen Violates China's Labour Law

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Chinese Sofa Factory Workers Go on Strike

South China Morning Post, November 3, 2005
Shenzhen Workers Protest at Beatings

China Labour Bulletin, November 3, 2005
Workers at Italian-invested Sofa Factory Beaten

Disney's Children's Books Made with the Blood, Sweat and Tears of Young Workers in China

One would hardly associate Disney’s children’s books with crushed and broken fingers, lacerated hands, broken legs and even deaths. But disturbingly, that is the case at the Hung Hing plant in China where Disney is the major client and where serious work injuries are almost a daily occurrence.

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Arnecom Auto Parts Workers in Nicaragua Under Attack

Thousands of auto parts workers in Nicaragua, paid just 41 cents an hour to manufacture automotive electrical systems for export to the U.S., are the target of a systematic, illegal campaign led by the Yazaki Corporation to deny these workers their fundamental rights to freedom of association and to organize.

--On July 6, in the latest attack to destroy the independent union, four of the newly-elected union leaders were fired.

--Since then, there have been more firings and threats that workers will be fired for involvement with the union.

--Nicaraguan Congresswoman Alba Palacios has denounced the "union repression" and the "complicity" of the Nicaraguan Ministry of Labor and Nicaragua's Free Zone Corporation in "violating the rights of the workers."

--The independent Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (CENIDH) will file a suit before the InterAmerican Court of Human Rights.

The Arnecom workers are appealing for international solidarity. Please write a letter to Yazaki, with cc to the Nicaraguan Ambassador and the NLC. We will get your letter to the union so they can use it with the Nicaraguan press and to let their members know that people in the U.S. support their struggle.

Read the updated report and print out and fax or mail the model letter below!

Arnecom Attacks Workers
Arnecom NLC Report
Arnecom Attacks Workers
Full NLC Arnecom Report
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Model Letter to Yazaki Corporation
19 Aug 2005
Joint Press Conferences in Hong Kong and New York City a Major Success!

Yesterday, August 18, in a unique international solidarity effort, simultaneous press conferences held in Hong Kong and New York City reached Disney loud and clear ...

China , Disney
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12 Aug 2005
Sweatshop controversy lands in corporate boardrooms across America
Read the CFO Magazine Article (PDF)

CFO Magazine—which goes out to hundreds of thousands of CEOs and CFOs across America—featured in its August issue an in-depth story on how sweatshop scandals and the anti-sweatshop movement are driving ...

General , Wal-Mart
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30 Jun 2005
Paid just 41 cents an hour and denied their rights!
Auto workers in Nicaragua are under attack

The Japanese multinational Yazaki Corporation says these workers are the enemy.

CAFTA , Nicaragua , Yazaki-Arnecom
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1 Mar 2005
Elimination of Textile and Apparel Quotas in 2005

Elimination of Textile and Apparel Quotas in 2005 Will Shock the Developing World

There are an estimated 40 million people employed across the world in the garment and textile industries, accounting for a full 14 percent of ...

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25 Jan 2005
Extraordinary Work of Art Puts Human Face on Global Economy
January 28: Portrait of a Textile Worker will go on display at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee artist Terese Agnew has completed an ...

Bangladesh , General
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