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Government denies political motive for homicide

El Diario de Hoy  |  November 12, 2004  |  Share

Published November 12, 2004, Diario de Hoy report

Government  denies political motive for homicide.  Victim belonged to a union of cargo haulers in the United States.

Figueroa said that assassination was a common crime.  Foto: EDHBy Jorge Beltrán/Norfa Márquez

The Government denounced that United States unions are trying to manipulate the death of a Salvadoran-American trucker to harm the process toward the Free Trade Agreement (TLC).

The Minister of the Interior [Gobernación], René Figueroa, and the director of the National Civil Police (PNC), Ricardo Menesses, explained the possible motives for the homicide of José Gilberto Soto, assassinated November 5 in Usulutan. 

According to the authorities, Soto was a member of a United States cargo drivers union and had come to visit family in this country when he was assassinated.

"The Ambassador in Washington has informed us that union sectors are moving in the United States with the intention of distorting reality (regarding the crime) to upset approval of the soon to be signed Free Trade Agreement," stated Figueroa. 

According to Menesses, the police have designated a special team to investigate the crime, whose motive could have been personal quarrels within the family or a product of street crime.

The police director said that they did not have a great deal of information at the moment because the investigation had just begun.According to Figueroa, till now there are not indications that the assassination is politically related as some unions in Washington are claiming."We want to make it clear that in El Salvador freedom of association is guaranteed and respected.  It is not just, it is not correct that there are sectors that want to tinge (Soto's assassination) with political motivations," declared the Minister of the Interior.

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