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A Dustup Over A Dressing-Down

Newsweek  |  May 13, 1996  |  Share  |  Source article

KATHIE LEE GIFFORD PRACTICALLY INVENTED perkiness. So viewers of "Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee" were startled to see her tearful and angry at some very unperky allegations. Charles Kernaghan, a labor- rights activist, charged that Gifford's Wal-Mart line of women's clothing was sewn by teenagers in Honduran sweatshops and that she was ignoring it. "You can say I'm ugly, or not talented," Gifford fumed. "But when you say I don't care about children and will exploit them for monetary gain--how dare you!" Gifford insisted she has long fought for children's rights. Wal-Mart says the clothing is now made at a Nicaraguan plant, which Kernaghan says is just as bad. Says Gifford: "This is obscene if this is happening."

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