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High Tech Misery Report in the Media

March 6, 2009  |  Share


Xinhua, February 19, 2009, "IT supplier blasted for exploiting its workers, February 17, 2009,  "`Prison-like` conditions for workers making IBM, Dell, HP, Microsoft and Lenovo products," by Rebecca Thomson, February 15, 2009, "High Tech Misery In China.", February 13. 2009, "Tech coalition launches sweatshop probe," by Tom Espiner

France 24, February 12, 2009, "Working in a Chinese sweatshop for HP, Microsoft, Dell and IBM."

Gizmodo, Feburary 10, 2009, "Your Keyboards May Have Been Made In Appalling Conditions," by Jason Chen

Times Herald Record, February 09, 2009, "IBM Notebook: Chinese factory like slavery, report says."  by Christine Young



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