Made in China

 The Role of U.S. Companies

In Denying Human and Worker Rights

 Table of Contents


 U.S. Contractors in China / Factory Conditions

            Timberland shoes                      

        Wal-Mart / Kathie Lee handbags            

        Labor Law in China                         

        Huffy bicycles                                 

        Cost of Living:  Trying to live on 25 cents an hour           

        Visiting a company dorm             

        Alpine car stereos                                 

        New Balance sneakers

            - Freetrend factory     

            -  Lizhan factory           

            - Pou Yen factory           

         Looking for Fubu and Deep E in China

        Where Keds are made in China           

        Nike in China and proud of it

            -  Sewon factory           

            - Hung Wah and Hung Yi factories

            - Keng Tau factory     

            - Tong Ji factory            

           -Wei Li Textile, Ltd.     

        RCA TVs                                     

        Finding Spiegel in China             

 Labor Activists Imprisoned in China    

 Rhetoric versus Reality                     



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